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About Us

Our vision

Norgaz was established in 2013 with the aim of promoting the use of LPG (liquid petroleum gas) in the domestic environment. Having seen and experienced first-hand the inconvenience of load shedding and generally unreliable electricity supply becoming a reality in our country I felt that consumers out there had a right to alternative energy sources. In south Africa lpg has been used very successfully in the commercial and industrial sectors but has never gained a foot hold in the private domestic market, until fairly recently electricity was cheap, reliable and freely available. The change in our political landscape has meant that this resource had to be stretched to the maximum and even then it was not enough.

LPG is a truly viable alternative energy source, it is clean efficient and affordable but like any form of energy it should be understood, treated with respect and left to qualified and certified personnel to install. At Norgaz we pride ourselves on gas installations that are absolutely compliant with the requirements of the South African national standards (SANS) as well as that of the liquefied petroleum gas safety association of South Africa (LPGSASA) of which Norgaz is a member in good standing. The vision of Norgaz is to actively promote the use of gas appliances in the home environment, to create awareness of gas use and safety, to create convenience of use and to dispel the myth that using gas is a risk. In Europe the average per capita gas consumption is in excess of forty kgs per anum, in South Africa it is about one tenth of that amount at around 4kg per person, we believe at Norgaz that exposure and education can and will change that.


Leon C. Norden

Leon C. Norden

Why Use Gas

We say why not? The LPGSASA has worked very hard on its mandate to evaluate any and all gas components and appliances entering our country, only on their authority can these components and appliances be sold in our country. These authorised appliances carry the official marking of the LPGSASA, if that logo is not present then it’s simply not legal to use in this country. Appliance safety has also been addressed as only appliances fitted with flame failure devices may be sold in our country, this system ensures that no gas will flow if a burner is unintentionally extinguished by a gust of wind or strong draft or even a pot boiling over. The use of gas for cooking has never been better with a plethora of beautifully made stoves and hobs available from many retailers in the country, advances in materials and technology make these units highly efficient in terms of gas consumption to performance ratios. Gas is quick and easy, temperatures are near instantaneously controllable for absolute cooking convenience. Almost all modern gas stoves and hobs have electronic ignition systems, these provide instant and safe ignition but in the event of a power failure can still be lit in the traditional manner.

Gas is economical and has the distinct advantage of being a known cost to the consumer, typically a 9kg cylinder will cost around R180.00 to fill and in trials we have determined that in a standard cupboard installation employing a 9kg cylinder and utilising up to four burners at a time 5 to 6 days a week to cook a family dinner can last around 6 months. This equates to a running cost for cooking of around R30.00 a month or around R1.00 per day. At Norgaz we like to see people saving money and although gas installations are not cheap to start with they soon pay for themselves, after that you enjoy real and direct savings as well as ultimate convenience, blackouts and power failures do not affect gas users. Water heating is also a great way to save, instant water heaters are readily available in many configurations to suit all types of user profiles. Remember gas water heaters only consume vapour energy whilst they are in actual use, typically when filling a bath or basin or when showering. Modern units no longer use pilot flames for ignition but rather employ electronic ignition systems either from batteries or mains depending on the type of unit in use. We install all types of gas appliances, typically gas hobs, gas stoves, gas on electric stoves, instant water heaters (gas geysers) as well as gas braais and when required gas fire places.

We hope to be of service to you in the near future, remember with NORGAZ you have a friend in GAS!